SIETAR Europa is the European branch of the world-wide organisation SIETAR. SIETAR Europa is an umbrella organisation for a number of national SIETAR organisations in Europe (for more information, see here).

This is the website of SIETAR Europa’s Special Interest Group on Migration (SIG Migration). The SIG was founded as a forum for Interculturalists who are interested or working in the area of Migration.

If you have any questions, suggestions, links to relevant webinars, podcasts, and materials for this SIG, please send an email to SIG_migration@sietareu.org.


Why does this SIG exist? The purpose of this group is to –
  • Gather and disseminate knowledge on the topic of Migration (voluntary and involuntary migration, e.g., Refugees) to SIG members, SIETAR members and interested members of the larger public;
  • Create a network to provide mentoring and support for members working in the field;
  • Raise awareness inside and outside SIETAR of the role Interculturalists can play in migration issues of economic immigrants as well as refugees and people who seek asylum;
  • Make a difference for immigrants, refugees, people who seek asylum and those who support them (i.e., volunteers) by supporting their cultural journeys;


How do we achieve our purpose? Have a look at our activities on the various tabs on this site.