One of the most important aspects of any SIG is how we communicate. There are essentially four categories of communication:

  • From the SIG leadership to members about activities and events
  • From members to the SIG leadership – suggestions, issues etc.
  • From members to the rest of the SIG
  • Between members – member to member

The channels we have at present are as follows:

SIG leadership → members

  • Website
  • Emails (via mailchimp – see also below)

Members →  SIG leadership

Members →  the rest of the SIG

  • LinkedIn Group – a forum for discussion and sharing See below for instructions on joining.
  • Blogs – write a blog and share it with the members via the LinkedIn Group
  • Podcasts – do your own podcast and share it via the LinkedIn Group
  • WhatsApp group – you can join the WhatsApp group. This is for quick updates and news   See Below for details on joining
  • Webinars – see menu item on Events

Member(s) →  Member(s)

  • Talk one-to-one – online or on-phone! A great way to support each other
  • Face-to-face local.  Arrange a small local meeting for people that live near each other. Half day or more.
  • Face-to-face full SIG – these will be periodically arrange probably once a year. They involve members paying the cost of getting to the venue, a convenient one, plus a small fee for room hire, usually €30-€50. See events for updates
  • Congress events. Where the National SIETARs organise a Congress we will try to have  Migration SIG event as part of the Congress where appropriate. See Events and News


NOTES on Joining

To sign up for emails via MailChimp – or to Unsubscribe

To sign up for emails via MailChimp click here and complete the data. The information given here will be used only to communicate with you about the activities of the Migration SIG and to plan events

To Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking here. Alternatively all emails will have an unsubscribe link

To join the WhatsApp Group

First you should go to a device where you use WhatsApp – either your phone or your PC if you have the desktop version (and everyone should get the desktop version)

Next, to Join the WhatsApp group all you have to do is click on this link

Lastly, click on the button to join the group.

If you are on a device that does not have WhatsApp it will ask you to install it.

Please note that not all SIG members are on the WhatsApp group.

Also when you join please send a message with your name to identify yourself – otherwise other members will no know who you are unless in their address book already

To join the LinkedIn group:

The LinkedIn Group is called: SIETAR Europa SIG – Interculturalists and Migration

LinkedIn has changed its rules recently and in order to join a LinkedIn Group you must first be linked, as a LinkedIn Contact, to one of the administrators.

The two administrators are

  1. Joe Kearns (click to see LinkedIn page)
  2. Head of Communication SIETAR Europa (click to see LinkedIn page)

Once you are linked then click this link

SIETAR Europa SIG – Interculturalists and Migration

and then request to be added to the group. Please allow a little time to be added as the list is not checked daily.