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At Congresses

SIETAR Europa Congress – Leuven, Belgium May 27th-June 2nd 2019

See the video of the Event Here – including interviews from the Migration SIG Special Event!

Migration SIG Special EVENT!

SIG Migration Event – Sat June 1st 14:30 – 16:00

The event will consist of four short presentation/discussion slots. Each topic will have a five-minute introduction followed by 10 minutes of discussion. See details below

Following the four topic discussions, at 15:30, we will have a Q&A session with Adel Al Baghdadi and Razan Damalkhi who are running an organisation called WE in Belgium ( . Adel and Razan are giving a TED Style talk earlier the same day at 10:00 in Room 3

Details of the topics

Topic 1 14:30 – 14:45 (5 mins intro/10 mins discussion)

Topic: Inclusion

Introduced by: Patricia Comolet

Details: How can we have a stronger impact helping host country citizens to deal with the challenges of and build the skills of inclusion.

Topic 2 14:45 – 15:00 (5 mins intro/10 mins discussion)

Topic: Health Agents

Introduced by: Anna Zelno

Details: A public health institution that runs a program of “health agents” with migration background who are work as educators within their community. During the program they integrate better with other people from different cultures (locals included) and they learn a lot. There are modules of personal development and Anna delivers training for intercultural competence within this program.

Topic 3 15:00 – 15:15 (5 mins intro/10 mins discussion)

Topic: The press and asylum-seekers

Introduced by: Paul Westlake

Details: Since May 2016, Paul has kept a regular record of Finland’s leading national newspaper’s (Helsingin Sanomat) reporting on asylum-seekers and refugees. Here, he offers a brief overview of the changing nature of such articles and what the implications might be. If there is time, he will begin with a very short audience-based simulation.

Topic 4 15:15 – 15:30 (5 mins intro/10 mins discussion)

Topic: Polarisation – understanding the dynamics

Introduced by: Jackie van der Kroft

Details: Polarisation is part of being a human being. We live constantly with opposites: believer against unbeliever, man versus women, the outsider versus one of our own. Although there are many differences in the scale of a conflict (from micro to macro scale) the dynamics of polarisation are universal. By exploring these dynamics you are able to apply these insights in your own field of work

SIETAR Europa Congress – Leuven, Belgium May 27th-June 2nd 2019

One of the tracks and the Congress is dedicated to Migration: Track 3: Migration – Building strength out of opportunities and challenges

Many SIG Members will be presenting at the Congress. The schedule is available on the SIETAR Europa Congress website here

SIETAR Spain Congress – Malaga Sept 28-29 2018

  • The Migration SIG will run a workshop on Saturday 29th 14:00-15:30 (details to be announced)
  • SIG members Grazia Ghellini and Ghislaine Tamsier, along with colleagues Aziza Benrahal and Salah Boudi, will give a workshop entitled: Culturas: a game for promoting intercultural and interreligious dialogue within companies, community centers or educational establishments
  • SIG member Kristin Brogan will give a presentation on Friday 28th September between 16:00 and 17:30 entitled: Intercultural and linguistic competences for staff dealing with refugees/migrants
  • SIG member Grazia Ghellini along with colleague  Mohammad Antar will present a workshop from 11:30 to 13:00 on Saturday 29th September entitled: Engaging intercultural training activities for fostering newcomers’ acculturation

The entire program, which looks great, can be seen here

SIETAR Poland Congress – Krzyzowa 12th-13th October 2018

  • A workshop by Teresa Mroczek –  “…… how to create, employ and lead gamification for the acculturation of migrants and other newcomers with people in local Polish communities and organizations.(More details on this later)

While our SIG does not have a particular event yet organised at this fascinating Congress  we do hope to have some get-together of SIG members and maybe a presentation – watch this space!  The Congress looks really interesting, in an amazing location, and if it is up to the standard of previous SIETAR Polska events it should not be missed

Migration SIG Face-to-Face meeting – November/December 2018

We plan to hold a week-end face-to-face meeting somewhere convenient in Europe for all SIG members available to attend. We will be in  touch shortly with a location and dates.