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SIETAR Europa Congress – Leuven, Belgium May 27th-June 2nd 2019

Migration SIG Special EVENT!

SIG Migration Event – Sat June 1st 14:30 – 16:00

The event will consist of four short presentation/discussion slots. Each topic will have a five-minute introduction followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

Topic 1 Inclusion.  Introduced by Patricia Comolet

Topic 2 Health Agents.  Introduced by Anna Zelno

Topic 3 The press and asylum-seekers. Introduced by Paul Westlake

Topic 4 Polarisation – understanding the dynamics. Introduced by Jackie van der Kroft

Following the four topic discussions, at 15:30, we will have a Q&A session with Adel Al Baghdadi and Razan Damalkhi who are running an organisation called WE in Belgium ( . Adel and Razan are giving a TED Style talk earlier the same day at 10:00 in Room 3

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