As we build the SIETAR Migration SIG we are looking to incorporate useful activities which will bring added value to its members.

We are now launching a Webinar series to provide information on what is happening in immigration both academically as well as actions in the field. The objective being to keep abreast of trends while providing a platform for exchange pertinent to our members. We are seeking to balance external presenters, people working in situ, and our members’ own experiences in the field. We will create a process for application should you wish to contribute as a presenter, or to be a part of the Webinar team. Stay tuned…

For the moment we are planning 4 Webinars per year to compliment an annual face-to-face meeting. Should the added value warrant more we can consider expanding the number of webinars. That will also depend upon the availability of the Webinar team. 😉

First Webinar : June 27th 2018 at 16:00 CET

SIG Members will be sent a link to allow attendance.

The topic of this first Webinar is “From the Classroom to the Street: Community Building through Gamification” to be presented by Steven Crawford and George Simons (see bios below). Our host for the webinar will be Patricia Comolet

This webinar will deal with:

  • How and why games work to create knowledge, know-how, behavioral change and fruitful intercultural contact and connections.
  • The real-world success story of the New Horizons collaborative gaming projects. As a signatory of the UN’s PRME directive, New Horizons is a part of JAMK‘s (click for more on JAMK University of Applied Science) commitment to sustainable business management education.
  • Game creation, networking and management as a hands-on curriculum for international business in academia. Creation of a reciprocal community service component for the project, explicitly tied to the academic intended learning outcomes at the course and program levels.

The presenters

Steve C

Steven Crawford is a Senior Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Management at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences. In recent semesters, with his students, he created the New Horizons game for the acculturation of migrants in local communities and organizes its distribution and facilitation throughout Finland. He currently supervises development of games to address cultural and social issues of high school students.

George S

George Simons is an intercultural consultant, trainer, author. He is the creator of the diversophy® series of intercultural training games and co-author of 8 instruments in the Cultural Detective® series. He is a member of the SIETAR Europa communication committee and manages its LinkedIn group. In addition to continuing collaboration with JAMK, he is co-developing migrant gamification projects in 5 other countries.